CDS V-IEPL Keeps Your Offices Connected


Since Jan 2017, China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has announced a 14-month “clean up” of illegal international internet access services, which specifically targeting a crackdown on virtual private networks or VPNs.

The new regulations require VPN services to obtain government approval before operating. Using a VPN for international tunneling is specifically prohibited.

This “clean up” movement has brought issues to many companies with offices in China that require international internet connectivity. From the sharing of Google Calendar, large file transfer to more sophisticated ERP systems, fast and reliable connectivity between offices in and out the wall is essential to the efficiency of everyday operation.

While VPN has been a common and cost-effective solution for light users, the new “clean up” project has made it difficult to obtain such services.

CDS provides an alternative solution for customers who suffer from connectivity breakdowns. We can keep your offices connected through our V-IEPL solutions.

What is V-IEPL

IEPL (International Ethernet Private Line) is a well-known product often offered by large telecom carriers to establishes the point to point international connectivity. Operating on the physical layer, it is a highly reliable and effective way to establish international connectivity between offices. Most importantly, it is not affected by the “Clean Up” policies.

However, traditionally, IEPL is well known to be a luxury IT solution for large office campuses only because of the high monthly cost and the last mile connectivity from the data center to offices. Especially for smaller businesses or remote offices with a rather small capacity and IT budget.

Leveraging the Global Interconnected Cloud platform, CDS introduces V-IEPL solution as a cost-effective, fast to deploy solution to provide End to End multi-location high-quality international connectivity at a mere fraction of the cost of traditional IEPL solutions.

This solution is a hybrid network combined with the benefit of flexibility of VPN and the reliability of IEPL. Adopt VPN connectivity at the local zone between data center to offices, the V-IEPL line passes the traffic via the CDS GPN (Global Private Network) for the long haul and establishes a reliable and cost-effective international office LAN.

CDS currently offers V-IEPL services over 14 data centers around the world in Beijing, Wuxi, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Dubai, Dallas, New York, Los Angeles.

Network Topology


After the customer places the order, CDS will deploy VPN servers in each data center within the region. (In the example above the three locations are China, US, and Europe). The VPN Provider Edge Servers (PE # 1, #2, #3) are interconnected via CDS’ GPN (Global Private Network).

CDS will provide Dial-Up information for customers to Dial-Up from their individual devices such as laptops or smartphones.

For static connectivity, the customer shall specify a static public IP address of the CE (Customer Edge Router) for all the offices that to be connected. CDS will help the customer configure their Edge Router to be used as a VPN Client. After the CE (Customer Edge Router) is properly configured in each office, the V-IEPL connection shall be established between all locations.

Note: The bandwidth can be guaranteed within CDS’ GPN, however, the bandwidth between CE#1 and PE#1 or CE#2 and PE#2 cannot be guaranteed for data transmission is over the public Internet in these two segments, the bandwidth is depending on customer’s public internet’s bandwidth and the internet environment.

GPN Latency


Proven quality
Fast and Easy Deployment
Flexible and easy to expand as business grows
Lowers capital and operational expenses
Highly Reliable
Data encryption applicable

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