Global DIA

Keep Your Business Connected Worldwide

Global DIA will give businesses access to Internet and global resources across China.

The biggest challenge for IT Managers in China is the absence of traditional DIA services. Slow Internet performance of China make it very inefficient to use global Internet resources.

Globally-based software such as Office365 and SalesForce operate at slower speeds, resulting in problems such as transmitting large files taking hours to complete.

If a business is not able to utilize these platforms to their full capacity, productivity will suffer. Almost all solutions that address the issue come at a cost of China’s local Internet. Once installed, local websites suffer from extremely slow loading speeds.

Global DIA Provides The Ultimate Solution

Over decades of development, CDS has established sophisticated networking architecture and proprietary mechanics to provide optimal Internet services.

Directly paired with all major China-based and global Internet providers, Global DIA provides fast and secure Internet access to resources globally.


The Global DIA Results

Global DIA splits the traffic at our international gateways based on a proprietary algorithm. International traffic will be transmitted through our Global Private Network* to the appropriate destinations. Local traffic in China will be transmitted through the backbone of the domestic Internet provider. No special implementation will be needed on the customer’s end.

CDS is a fully licensed ISP in China, providing Global DIA to several international companies.

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