Premium Internet Routing

PIR (Premium Internet Routing) is the optimized IP transit service offered to our enterprise customers worldwide.

Unlike most Tier 1 providers who rely on the quality of the upstream services through peering, we designed PIR to carry mission-critical for international companies requiring low latency routes to various locations. We fabricated through multiple IP transit services from Tier 1 carriers and CDS global private networks(GPN).

Over 15 years, CDS global network has become the critical underlayer for enterprise customers for its robust, high redundancy, and scalability.

CDS’ network AS63199 is peered with over 200 global carriers, including the China carriers, ensures a diverse network with a fully redundant backbone to protect your business in the most critical moments.

PIR offers fast and reliable service delivery to the world with exceptional coverage in mainland China.

PIR Unparalleled Performance

PIR adopted blended multi carrier IP transit as well as designated transmission on our GPN network, it significantly improves the latency from country to country.

Specifically, users in China can access servers located outside of China with 99.9% SLA.

Paired with the Cloud and Bare Metal Servers , users can easily roll out global infrastructure within minutes.

Flexible Billing Options

As a full-stack service provider, CDS is not a traditional ISP. We understand the importance of elasticity in today's world.

CDS offers PIR with month-to-month on-demand terms allowing a burst up to 10Gbps. In addition, users may choose to pay by bandwidth (Mbps) or pay by usage (GB). This flexible IP Transit pricing solution allows users to scale without overpaying for unused bandwidth.


CDS offers Premium Internet Routing worldwide across all of our datacenters, see below an updated map of available locations

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