NetEx is Recommended For

International companies with one or more offices in China that require Internet access from China to sites blocked by the Great Firewall such as CRMs, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Any business dependent on an international VPN for connectivity to China.

ICP Registration is NOT required.

What NetEx Does

CDS NetEx provides offices in mainland China fast, stable international Internet connectivity to websites and social media tools blocked by the Firewall and previously accessed by an international VPN. With NetEx, secure, reliable connectivity and fast site access are possible from anywhere in China without regard to the Firewall censorship policy or the VPN crackdown.

How NetEx Works

CDS’ data centers in Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuxi provide Global BGP peering connectivity with Global BGP servers acting as a dedicated international gateway. When Global BGP is assigned to a Virtual Data Center, the host’s IP address is “broadcast” worldwide to all AS networks with direct peering to CDS. All routing requests to the host’s IP addresses are then directly routed to CDS’ network without any searching, forwarding, and transmitting – significantly lowering latency.

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The NetEx Results

NetEx provides a true Network Express for offices in China dependent on an international VPN. NetEx provides reliable Internet access to websites and social media sites previously blocked, facilitating worldwide communication and connectivity. Increase your productivity and get fast, secure connectivity with CDS NetEx.

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