Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Live streaming becomes increasingly popular across various applications, such as marketing, news and media, broadcasting, gaming and even medical operations.

It is imperative for live streaming data to be transmitted seamlessly with a minimal delay or latency. Most live streaming companies take pride in providing high quality synchronous video with less than 500 milliseconds of end-to-end latency at broadcast scale, anywhere in the world.

Problem In China

Internet crossing the China national firewalls tends to be highly congested during peak times. The latency occurring at the gateways are often measured by seconds instead of milliseconds. This prolonged latency significantly impacts the streaming quality. As a result, live streaming transmitted on public internet is always interrupted. This situation applies to delivering contents both inbound and outbound China.

While it is critical for the live streaming industry to have minimal latency, the delay of this scale can be detrimentally destructive to the livelihood of the steaming businesses in this region. Schedule a call with us for free consultation.

ChinaEdge™ is the solution

ChinaEdge™ is our proprietary solution that has been developed to cure this issue that is suffered by live streaming industry. Below are some of the features of this game changing technology;

Bypassing Public internet Congestion

By leveraging our GPN (Global Private Network), ChinaEdge™ bridges the traffic from global CDN to mainland China bypassing the congestions on the pubic internet gateways.

Non-intrusive To Existing Architecture

Integrated with multiple global CDN and China national CDN operators, ChinaEdge™ is a non-intrusive solution to your current architecture and services in production. Keep your resources intact and manage them the way they are, ChinaEdge™ can be deployed as a plug-n-play.

Hands-Free Full Service

Among our users are digital marketing experts with little IT resources or expertise. ChinaEdge™ is offered as a turn-key service which includes support from our expert engineers who will arrange from setup to launch. ChinaEdge™ can be deployed for those companies with minimal IT support.

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