ICP Registration

What is ICP Registration

An ICP (Internet Content Provider) license is a state-issued registration number that allows you to host your website on a mainland Chinese server. All sites hosted on a server in the Chinese mainland must, by MIIT requirement, must apply for and receive an ICP registration number(Bei’An) before the site goes live. ICP license numbers are required to be displayed in the small print in website footers.

Who Needs ICP License?

All websites hosted in the server in mainland China will need ICP license. Website using a proxy server in mainland China to accelerate their contents will need ICP license (Mirror Hosting service). Website uses CDN network to accelerate their contents in China will need ICP license.

Different Types of ICP Registration

General ICP Registration

Businesses and individuals who will use the website for information or knowledge sharing purposes only may apply general ICP registration with the MIIT. General ICP registration does not allow money transaction or other profit generation activities on the website. General ICP registration are open to Chinese citizen individuals and business registered in China. Foreign individual with temporary residence registration are also eligible to apply for General ICP registration. It takes about 20 business days to apply for a General ICP. It is a free service for customers hosted with CDS. Contact us for details.

Commercial ICP Registration

A website with a pay button to collect payment of any kind must apply for commercial ICP. commercial ICP registration are strictly open to business registered in China only. Individuals are not eligible to apply for commercial ICP registration. A website must have obtained general ICP registration before applying for commercial ICP. Website who gets involved in money transaction before obtaining commercial ICP license are subject to penalty and fines. It usually takes about 6 months for commercial ICP to be approved. Fees are different from province to province.

ICP Application

Do not be overwhelmed. ICP application is not as complicated as many thought it would be. CDS regulation compliance officers in Beijing and Shanghai are experts in term of foreign business or individuals applying for ICP. General ICP registration is a FREE service. Once all the required paperwork are prepared, ICP can be assigned within 20 days. Schedule a call with us for a free consultation.

Beware: There are many 3rd party agents who offer to procure ICP Registration Numbers sometimes at exorbitant prices, some even charge a monthly fee to “maintain” the registration number. There is no monthly fee and there is no need to pay a 3rd party provider.

List of Document Required For General ICP Registration

The documents required are in Chinese language and shall be filled out in Chinese only.

1. Business Registration, or, ID Card (front and back) if applicant is an individual.
2. Website Responsible Person and his or her ID Card copy. (It is required that this individual present him or her self in the office.)
3. Domain Name Certificate
4. Website Verification Form.Download Here.
5. Website Registration Application Form.Download Here.
6. Information Security Commitment.Download Here.

It usually takes about six months for commercial ICP to be approved. Fees are different from province to province.

Frequently Asked Questions

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