Internet Challenges And Solutions In China

Slow Global Internet Access Speed

The four primary Chinese internet providers only cross-connect at 15 nodes in a country that is the size of Canada causing additional delays. Together, these conditions slow website performance and result in poor user experience.

Many Websites and Services are Not Available

International companies with a centralized server commonly translate their websites into multiple languages and adopt regional URLs when entering a new country or regional market. In the majority of countries, these simple modifications result in regional websites that have much the same functionality and speed as the origin site. However, these modifications are not sufficient in mainland China where website functionality is dependent on some unique internet conditions. Especially their websites and services are located at overseas HQ servers(AWS, GCP, dynamic CRM, SAP, etc.)

In addition,many social media websites and apps are not available in China,including Facebook,Twitter,WhatsApp,Zoom,Google analysis.

Hard to Optimize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Performance

China’s leading search engines, Baidu and 360 Search, rank websites by page load times and by their IP addresses. Sites with foreign IP addresses are automatically ranked lower than those with local IP addresses. Combine that with slower page load times and the majority of foreign websites are seldom considered relevant in online searches.

Solutions of Internet Problems in China

1. Choose a suitable ISP in China. Choose ISP who have global internet exits in China(Shanghai,Guangzhou,Qingdao),certain ISPs can provide international optimization services.

2. Websites ICP registration. Choose ISP who can help you with ICP registration. (If you have an entity in China, ICP is free.)

Ask CDS to Know More about the Website Acceleration Service

Website Acceleration Service – Mirror Hosting Service

If your web server is centrally hosted out of China,  Mirror Hosting service can help accelerate the website’s performance significantly. With local IP address and free ICP registration, CDS provides the ultimate solution for global website performances.

CDS Solution Can Solve:

1. The website blocked or extremely slow.

2. User Authentication cannot go through.

3. Hard to log on to SalesForce or other CRM systems out of China.

4. Slow or No access to API gateways.

Mirror Hosting is Recommended for

International companies with a centralized web hosting architecture seeking to improve SEO, accelerate website performance and Internet reliability in mainland China.

Benefits of Mirror Hosting

1. Fast page load time inside mainland China

2. Dynamic caching of content

3. High availability based on Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)

4. HTTPs enabled

5. Load balancing available for multiple origin servers

6. Servers communicate via CDS’ GPN

7. No need to move your central server

8. No duplication of your database

Challenges to Accelerating Website Performance in Mainland China

1. The first challenge is website performance and speed. Traffic congestion often results in packet loss, increased latency, or site blockage.

2. The second significant challenge is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). China’s leading search engines, Baidu and 360 Search, rank websites by page load times and by their IP addresses. Sites with foreign IP addresses are automatically ranked lower than those with local IP addresses.

Your Website Needs Mirror Hosting if:

1. Access speeds from China to your host server are so slow that “Server Time Out”, “Cannot Open Page”, or “Domain Name Does Not Exist” are common messages

2. Packet loss is 30% or greater

3. Your site is periodically blocked from inside China for unknown reasons

4. Changing the main website IP prevents site blockage for only short periods

5. Your site has a foreign IP address – Chinese search engines do not rank foreign IP addresses high enough to appear relevant in searches

6. Your page loading time is > 3 seconds per page – if Chinese search engines determine the page loading speed is too slow, they will rank the site as relevant in searches

ICP License in China will be required. Please contact CDS team to receive free ICP services.

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