CDS’ Global Private Network (GPN)

Create LAN Connectivity Anywhere and Everywhere

CDS GPN (Global Private Network) is a fully protected and fully meshed layer 2 Networks connecting China, Asia Pacific, North America and Europe. Designed to carry mission critical, GPN offers enhanced reliability, availability and security.

In order to maximize the service availability, GPN has adopted three levels of diversity to ensure the service continuity: carrier diversity, line diversity and route diversity. Enterprises and service providers use part of all of GPN network to build their WAN Backbone, P2P Ethernet, IEPL (International Ethernet Private Lines) services, SD-WAN services, EVPL/VPL or enterprise grade VPN services.

Global Private Network (GPN) features

  • Fully Meshed Architecture
  • Protected Lines
  • Carrier Diversity
  • Line Diversity
  • Route Diversity
  • Mainland China on net

Global Private Network Latency Chart (ms)

Please use the Looking Glass tool to find the real time data of latency and packet loss between PoP to PoP over GPN.