Global DIA

Global DIA

Global DIA (Dedicated Internet Service) is a premium internet service for mainland China that provides optimal internet access to China local and global resources.

It adopts the dynamic smart routing strategy, which sets it apart from all other premium DIA products in the market. As a truly blended internet service, Global DIA provides the best solution to replace MPLS and IEPL services in China.

China Challenges

IT Managers with responsibility in China face challenges that are unique to this specific region. For example, regular DIA (regular local internet) services offer limited access to global resources such as Office 365, Salesforce, G-suite, and other cloud-based apps and ERP systems.

In order to better illustrate the internet performance, we have built a smoke ping server in Shanghai. The server monitors and records its connectivity to all major office tools such as O365, MS Teams, Salesforce, Coupa, Workday etc.

The above Smoke Ping chart simulates the user experience accessing O365 from Shanghai. During a 10-day monitoring period, the average packet loss was as high as 20.97%. Significant packet loss causes poor performance for most cloud-based software, resulting in delayed emails, failed logins, and excessively long web portal loading time.

Follow the link to see the real time performance to other commonly used websites and tools SmokePing .

Traditional Solution

Traditionally, global enterprises must purchase MPLS or IEPL lines for their China facilities to connect with the global data centers.

As the enterprises move services from on-premises hosting to cloud, the next generation SD-WAN service has been introduced to replace the MPLS lines to accommodate the architecture changes.

As most of the global enterprises start to roll out the global SD-WAN network, China became the blackhole in this process. This next generation networking technology requires a reliable underlay network to perform. With 30% packet loss, it is not viable to replace MPLS with SD-WAN in China.

Global DIA Provides “The Ultimate Solution”

CDS has established a sophisticated network architecture with proprietary mechanisms to address this issue.

Peered with all major China-domestic carriers and over 200 global ISP networks, Global DIA offers blended internet services between local and international traffic. Our dynamic routing system will deliver the traffic to China local network and global network respectively.

Global DIA enables undisturbed access to global resources for users in China. It can be used as a standalone internet access service or can be the underlay layer for global SD-WAN deployments.

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Proven Results

Our SmokePing server in Shanghai are presenting live performance of Global DIA in comparison with the regular DIA services. The chart below is an example of O365 performance over Global DIA. Please follow the link to see the performance of other common web-based tools such as Salesforce, Coupa, Workdays, Avaya Space, MS Teams.

*Global DIA services are offered to enterprise customers only with restrictions. For more information on service availability, please contact us.