Global DIA

Global DIA

Global DIA (Dedicated Internet Service) is a premium internet service for mainland China that provides optimal internet access to both local and global resources outside of The Great Firewall. It offers optimal internet access to local and global resources. Customers who have already signed up to regular DIA service may check NetEx to optimize the performance of the existing line.


IT Managers with responsibility in China face challenges that are unique to this specific region. Regular DIA (regular local internet) services offer limited access to global resources such as Office 365, Salesforce, G-suite and other cloud-based apps and ERP systems.

The above Smoke Ping chart simulates user experience accessing O365 from Shanghai. In a 10-day monitoring, the average packet loss was as high as 20.97%. Significant packet loss causes poor performance for most of the cloud-based software which results in delayed emails, failed logins and excessively long web portal loading time. For more information, please see Smokeping by China DIA.

Traditional Solution:

Traditionally, companies in need of global access have to purchase an MPLS or IEPL lines for their facilities in China. The cost of international MPLS lines to China are very high. In addition, IT management is complicated when dealing with domestic and cross-border international IP traffic.

Global DIA Provides The Ultimate Solution

CDS has established a sophisticated network architecture with proprietary mechanics to address this issue. Global DIA is designed to provide optimal internet services to enhance the productivity for international companies doing business in China.

Peered with all major China-based carriers and global ISP networks, Global DIA offers blended services between local and international traffic. This service enables fast and secured access to global resources for users in China. Schedule a call with us for free consultation.

Proven Results

Live performance of Global DIA from Shanghai to O365 are monitored on below.For more information, please see Smokeping by Global DIA.

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