Game Acceleration

Why is it so hard to release a game in China?

Although the gaming market in China is enormous in size and prosperous in its continuous growth, it is not easy to publish a new title in the Chinese market. Due to the lengthy and unpredictable licensing procedures enforced by the Chinese government, new games launching are often delayed or even killed in the world’s fastest growing market before they get a chance to reach the stores.

Alternatively, cloud-based subscription models offer accessibility to consumers regardless of their geo-locations. Users may log in their subscriptions and start streaming different games instantly. In China, this streaming experience has been proven to be extremely laggy, and really unplayable. The users often become frustrated and are unable to log on to the game; They experience severe delays due to the poor internet connectivity to the cloud servers deployed outside of China.

The pain in the market is real; this is why very few games from outside of China become a success in a market of 1 Billion online users.

Reach to Billion Gamers with ChinaEdge™

Acceleration tools designed specifically for the Chinese market have quickly emerged to help Chinese gamers play some games from abroad. According to reports on China’s acceleration engine market, over 100 million users access cloud-based games all over the world. Whether you are a game publisher, eSports broadcasting network, or a game acceleration service provider, CDS infrastructure offers an unmatchable solution to open the door to the billion-dollar market in China.

ICP Registration

For services involving web pages, ICP registration is required by the government. CDS offers full sponsorship on ICP registration to comply with legal requirements. Check ICP registration for details.

Case Study LeiGod

Shanghai LeiGod is an Internet service operating platform specializing in Internet acceleration, gaming products and social entertainment.

Since the date of establishment, LeiGod Technology has focused on research for all sorts of problems resulted from Internet delays; Providing professional, fast and convenient technology solutions. Adopting universal top nodes and private lines offered by CDS, LeiGod Technology developed NN Speed which has earned the company tens of millions of users.

NN Speed:

Less than a year after its release, LeiGod Online Game Accelerator has become a necessary tool for many domestic live broadcast platforms, and well-known game anchors because of its stable acceleration technology as well as its unique, humanistic service. It has also won the praise and trust of many game users. LeiGod Technology was awarded the “Outstanding Enterprise in the online gaming accelerator industry OF 2017” by the China Aesthetician Alliance.

Games supported: PUBG, APEX, GTA5, DOTA2, LOL, etc

Case Study Vain Glory By SEM

Super Evil Mega Corp is a multi-award winning game studio with a mission to build the very best cross-platform AAA multiplayer gaming experiences in the world. Being a pioneer in China market, SEMC launched its flagship Vainglory in 2015. Soon, it acquired an enthusiastic response from the market. Although the in-territory servers were able to offer flawless streaming experience, the centralized user database located at Los Angeles had become a bottleneck.

Working with CDS, SEMC quickly resolved that issue by loading their administration portion onto CDS’s infrastructure in China. Their latency was brought down 140ms and the overall customer satisfaction improved significantly. Schedule a call with us for free consultation.