Enhanced Internet

Enhanced Internet Services

What is the problem?

As the IT infrastructure are continuously being migrated from on-premises to cloud-based, it has become common practice for global enterprises to adopt internet only architecture. SD-WAN overlay has been widely adopted to improve the quality service for different applications.

In most developed regions of the world, removing the MPLS line and adopting Internet only architecture significantly reduced the cost of service. SD-WAN overlay was able to effectively improve the quality of service as MPLS lines are being terminated.

However, this architecture has proven to be inviable in many emerging markets at a global scale. Due to the imbalanced infrastructure, SD-WAN over internet solution results in a highly compromised performance with some applications.

For global I&O executives, it is critical to offer a consistent performance to all regional offices located worldwide.

What is the solution?

CDS Enhanced Internet service are designed to offer the diverse and flexible internet access with the reliability of MPLS technology for mission-critical operations worldwide. Built on a dedicated layer 2 global backbone network, CDS Enhanced internet are offered with extensive BGP peering with more than 400 regional carriers and cloud exchanges.

Cross continental data transmission are routed through CDS dedicated private backbone networks, also known as GPN (Global Private Network) . As a core component of the Enhanced Internet service, the robust GPN backbone are fully managed with High Availability mechanisms. The redundant submarine and intercontinental fibers with ring protection failover architecture deliver 99.99% network availability. Transmission over GPN networks significantly improve and stabilize the performance of purely internet-based global networks.

Another key component of the service is the direct connectivity with cloud exchanges. The cloud connects offers premium performance accessing the cloud-based services such as services hosted on AWS, Azure, GCP.

Extensive regional BGP peering with local providers improves the end to end performance in emerging market.

CDS Enhanced Internet services are offered at over 94 datacenters worldwide.

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CDS Global Enhanced Internet Coverage

50+ countries
89 cities
Nearly 100+
Dedicated submarine cable
Data Centers