BGP IP Transit

Blended BGP IP Transit

BGP is a protocol used to manage how data is routed across the internet. In blended BGP IP transit, intelligent routing decisions are made based on the most optimized rules and policies to offer improved connectivity speeds and less network downtime.

Compared to other regions of the world, the benefit of adopting blended BGP IP Transit in China region is far more prominent.

AS38353 ---- China Blended IP Transit

Low Latency | Low Packet Loss

China Blended IP Transit offers direct peer with all four major internet providers: China Telecom, China Unicom, China Netcom and Education Net (CERNET).

High demands on cross-network traffic combined with limited bandwidth at these gateways cause these cross-network traffic to be constantly congested. As a result, users often experience substantial delays and packet losses.

The blended BGP IP Transit offers direct peering to all four above Tier 1 carriers. CDS carries the traffic and delivers to the corresponding networks with the minimal latency to ensure the best and fastest Internet transmission nationwide.

Based on the use case and budget, customers may choose China Telecom only, 2-Line or 4-Line BGP.

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Global BGP IP Transit

Global Access| Low Packet Loss

IP transit to and from mainland China are known to be exceptionally unreliable. Based on our live monitoring, traffic through mainland China often results in 30% packet loss and intolerable latencies.

Traditionally, enterprise organizations acquire IEPL (International Ethernet Private Line) or MPLS to establish communication in China.

Global BGP (5 Line BGP) is a premium internet option that offers blend traffic for China domestic and international services. Peered with the ISPs out of China, Global BGP provides cross boarder Internet services with significantly lower latency and packet loss offering 99.9% reliability. Peered directly with multiple international ISPs including PCCW, NTT, TATA, Zayo, Level 3 and HE, Global BGP offers high availability and reliability connecting your data center to the regional hubs and global centers. It is largely used to replace the MPLS lines and significantly simplify your IT architecture.

Global BGP services will be subject to regulations in China.

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