Mirror Hosting to China

User Experience with Dynamic & Static Caching

Website Acceleration Service

If your web server is centrally hosted out of China, Mirror Hosting service can help accelerate the website performance significantly.

With local IP address and free ICP registration, CDS provides ultimate solution for global website performances.

  • Website blocked or extremely slow.
  • User Authentication cannot go through.
  • Hard to log on to Sales Force or other CRM systems out of China.
  • Slow or No access to API gateways.

ICP License in China will be required. Please contact CDS team to receive free ICP services.

Challenges to Accelerating Website Performance in Mainland China

The two major challenges are:

The first challenge is website performance and speed.

Traffic congestion often results in packet loss, increased latency, or site blockage. If your data makes it through the Firewall intact, the next issue is the inherent design of the Chinese internet.

The second significant challenge is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

China’s leading search engines, Baidu and 360 Search, rank websites by page load times and by their IP addresses. Sites with foreign IP addresses are automatically ranked lower than those with local IP addresses.

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