When choosing Internet connectivity for your servers, CDS offers a full range of products. Regardless of your Service Level Requirements, use case, or budget, CDS has options to suit your business needs.

Internet Connectivity in China

CDS offers Internet accessibility with direct BGP peering to all four Tier 1 carriers in mainland China as well as all local carriers assuring the best and fastest coverage nationwide. If you are unfamiliar with China’s Internet you may wonder why BGP peering matters.

Colocation Hosting

Recommended for international companies who do not host in mainland China, but need their server accessible from mainland China. A server enabled with CDS’ China Optimized Route outside of mainland China will provide faster, more reliable connectivity through the Great Firewall to China.

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) in China

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is designed for businesses in China in need of high-speed Internet. As a carrier-neutral ISP, CDS’ network is peered with Tier 1 carriers, China Telecom and China Unicom, ensuring secure and high-quality Internet services throughout mainland China.

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