15 Mar 2018

Internet Connectivity in China

Internet Connectivity in China

CDS offers Internet accessibility with direct BGP peering to all four Tier 1 carriers in mainland China as well as all local carriers assuring the best and fastest coverage nationwide.

If you are unfamiliar with China’s Internet you may wonder why BGP peering matters. The Internet infrastructure in China is very different than in the rest of the world. In China, there are only four major providers: China Telecom, China Unicom, China Netcom and Education Net (CERNET). Despite the enormous demands made by cross-network traffic, these four networks are connected to each other by only three primary access points rather than a full mesh topology like the rest of the world. Due to the limited bandwidth at these access points, cross-network traffic often experiences substantial delays.

Without multi-line BGP, even local Internet traffic would have to go through an access point which might be thousands of miles away. Over the last 15 years, CDS has developed direct peering agreements with all Tier 1 providers and the local carriers assuring direct connections between carriers.

For example, a China Unicom user can ping a server in the same city on CERNET, and experience up to a 400ms delay. The data must travel on the China Unicom AS to the connecting node which might be a thousand miles away to access CERNET, then travel back on the CERNET sub-network to the server.

With multi-line BGP, the same ping would only take 20-30ms.

13 Mar 2018

Expanding Into China?

Expanding into China? CDS’ GPN provides options:

Mirror Hosting – When page loading time and SEO are critical, Mirror Hosting is the answer. Mirror Hosting significantly increases website performance and user experience by providing: Page Load Times < 3 seconds Local IP addresses

The result? SEO rankings by Chinese search engines such as Baidu are greatly improved creating greater visibility and allowing foreign sites to compete with:

No redesign of websites. No loss of connectivity to 3rd party support systems such as CRMs. Complete compatibility with Google fonts and analytics

V-IEPL – The answer for customers needing fast, secure, point-to-point connectivity to mainland China. Perfect for developers, V-IEPL requires local representation in China, but no ICP Registration Number. Like VPN, CDS’ V-IEPL offers fast, reliable connectivity from anywhere in the world to mainland China.

11 Mar 2018

Global Private Network (GPN)

CDS’ Global Private Network

Our Global Private Network (GPN) provides customers with reliable LAN connections to their multiple sites without regard to physical location. GPN connections are made possible by a high-performance redundancy ring architecture developed by exclusively by CDS over a number of years. With GPN your data flows securely among our cloud nodes worldwide providing you with all the benefits of cloud computing in an instant. The SLA uptime of the CDS network is 99.9% and every CDS Data Center is always connected with more than one Tier I carrier to provide the highest in fault tolerance. CDS interconnects are through Layer 2 Private networks, delivering flexible cloud-connectivity seamlessly.

CDS clients can increase bandwidth in 5 Mbps increments in less than a minute. Or, downscale just as easily—whenever business fluctuations demand. Scale up or down, it’s that simple. The flexibility that delivers our elastic GPN connectivity means a cost-effective answer transferring large quantities of data, when using high-performance applications, or answer business fluctuations. Concerned about time-based workloads, or disaster recovery situations? CDS GPN elastic connectivity is the answer

09 Mar 2018

Need Internet Access to China?

Mirror Hosting – When SEO and reliability are critical; Mirror Hosting is the answer. For the customer who needs both dynamic and static caching, Mirror Hosting provides a secure, reliable connection to mainland China with PLTs of <3 seconds. No redesign of websites, or loss of connectivity to 3rd party support systems such as CRMs and completely compatible with Google fonts and analytics.

ICP Registration Number: Required. To apply for registration, each company must have a local representative with a local address and phone number.

V-IEPL – The answer for customers needing fast, secure, point-to-point connectivity to mainland China. Perfect for Enterprise, V-IEPL requires local representation in China, but no ICP Registration Number. Like VPN, CDS’ V-IEPL offers fast, reliable connectivity from anywhere in the world to mainland China.

ICP Registration Number: Not required, but a local representative with a local address and phone number is required.

NetEx – For international companies with one or more offices in China that require Internet access to sites blocked by the GFW such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

ICP Registration Number: Not required.

07 Mar 2018

Hybrid Cloud Hosting

Hybrid Cloud Hosting


CDS Hybrid Cloud provides both high availability and elastic capabilities. Hybrid users benefit from the security offered by dedicated servers and the elasticity of cloud servers. Less crucial information such as frontend web services and access authentication is often deployed cloud servers, while database and financial information are stored on dedicated servers providing fast expansion while maintaining core data safety. CDS’ Layer 2 VLAN is used to provide high-speed integration between the cloud server and physical server resulting in zero service interruption.

With over 18 years of experience in IDC operations, CDS has helped numerous large enterprise users migrate their IT infrastructure from dedicated servers to our highly elastic hybrid architecture. Contact us today for a free consultation and see how CDS can deliver the best of both worlds!

05 Mar 2018

Colocation Hosting

Colocation Hosting

With 15 hubs and 50 remote sites in mainland China, CDS provides an extensive number of choices for colocation facilities. All our sites offer enterprise-level infrastructure and CDS’ expertise to help your business prosper in China.

In addition to the standard ‘remote hands’ service, we provide our White Glove Service which includes equipment procurement, installation and commissioning assistance, as well as warehousing and shipping services. CDS customers can depend on us to deliver their IT projects effectively and efficiently.

Leveraging 18+ years of operational expertise, CDS makes a commitment to maintain every customer’s infrastructure to the highest standards thus ensuring a smooth, seamless business operation.

03 Mar 2018

Global Interconnected Cloud

Global Interconnected Cloud (GIC)

Our Global Interconnected Cloud (GIC) is a dedicated cloud computing platform at its best with an integrated private network spanning the globe and an agile infrastructure delivering minimal latency, large bandwidth, and built-in redundancy. Based on the VMWare virtualization platform and paired with industry-leading Hitachi VSP blade servers, our GIC virtual private servers provide high availability, reliability, and flexibility.

The automated GIC web portal makes it easy to deploy your cloud solution, allowing visualized management of our Global Private Network (GPN) as well cloud server resources. Simply select the infrastructure and the location from the portal interface and your system will be available within 5 minutes. Changing or adding resources is just as easy. You can log onto the GIC dashboard to scale resources up or down as your business demands change – without additional fees.

01 Mar 2018

Enterprise Grade Cloud Hosting

Enterprise Grade Cloud Hosting

As a leading ISP and IDC operator in China, CDS Global Cloud provides comprehensive hosting options for enterprise customers from startups to Fortune 500 giants.

Whatever your needs – Dedicated Cloud Hosting, Colocation, or a Hybrid architecture – we provide industry-leading performance and a flexible, scalable level of service at a cost that can’t be matched.

In addition to 10+ premium locations in mainland China including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Wuxi, we have data centers in the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan, China, South Korea, and the UAE.

27 Feb 2018

Benefits of V-IEPL

Benefits of V-IEPL:

  • Fast, easy deployment
  • Flexible and easily expands as business needs grow
  • Lower capital and operational expenses
  • Highly reliable
  • Data encryption applicable
25 Feb 2018

V-IEPL is Recommended for:

V-IEPL is recommended for:

Small and medium enterprises with offices in China who need a secure, reliable, yet cost-effective connection between China and one or more locations anywhere in the world. V-IEPL is more reliable than VPN and more budget-friendly than an international private line. Starting from $500 per month, V-IEPL provides a reliable and secure connection from your office in China to anywhere in the world via our Global Private Network (GPN).