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Listed in NEEQ stock market in China, Capital online is a leading ISP and IDC operator in China with over 18 years of dedicated hosting management experiences.With more than 20+ major hubs and 50+ satellite locations throughout mainland China, we are fully established to serve your needs for the Chinese market. What truly set us apart is our deep understanding of the challenges foreign companies face to work in China.

Servers deployed in China locations often experience jitter, latency and blockage caused by slow internet performance in China. DevOp teams located out of China suffer from low working efficiency due to the troubles accessing the servers located in China. The differences in language makes getting service requests extremely difficult to get through to the onsite support team.

With decades of focused effort, CDS has strived to build the Global Private Network to provide layer 2 internet connectivity to APEC, EU and NA locations. This layer 2 network is designed to serve the needs to operate your infrastructure in and out of China locations effectively and efficiently.  Diversified and protected, traffic that goes through the GPN features low latency, zero downtime and zero packet loss. Our support team, located in both China and U.S., provides convenient 24/7 English support. We are native and we are global. Schedule A Call for your next project in China!