12 Sep 2019

Where to Host Servers for Your Business in China

Where to Host Servers for Your Business in China

China is the biggest internet market in the entire world, with over 720 million users. It also hosts the world’s biggest cinema market with more than 40,000 cinema screens. China is the world’s biggest retail market as well, with total retail sales of as much as $4.84 trillion in 2016 alone. It is thus no surprise that many businesses are desperate to tap into that enormous market. An online presence is vital in today’s world, but it can be a challenge to achieve that in China because of government filters and blocking and the frequent network congestion of traffic that is entering or leaving the country.

Options for internet acceleration in China

There are two options for global firms wanting to reach consumers in China – either actual Chinese hosting of servers for their websites or locating those servers geographically close to China, in places such as Singapore or Hong Kong. Hosting in China is by far the best option, as internet acceleration in China is massive and it is also the most reliable.

The problem with this option is the difficulty of acquiring an ICP license as a foreign corporation and the expensive cost of IP transit, power, and space in China. Hosting servers in Hong Kong and Singapore is a cheaper option, but companies will still run into the issue of network congestion at the Chinese border.

The closer, the better

The difficulties associated with China’s telecommunications infrastructure are the reason why websites not located within China are considerably slower than those that are inside the border, as the pipes leaving the country offer only a small amount of bandwidth. Access to websites within China becomes even slower when the server is hosted further away. This means that sites hosted in Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore, although slower than sites actually hosted in China, are still comparatively faster than those hosted in Western Europe or the United States. The simple truth is that hosting within mainland China will accelerate website delivery in China for any business.

Why you should choose CDS for your Chinese hosting needs

CDS is the best choice for hosting your website in China. The company has been the leading Chinese ISP and IDC operator for nearly two decades now, giving them the ability to serve all your Chinese hosting business needs. CDS is designed to operate infrastructures effortlessly out of locations in China and has the most cost-effective and efficient cross-border IT infrastructure to allow you to penetrate the Chinese market, whether you are seeking dedicated server hosting, hybrid hosting or cloud hosting.

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