04 Sep 2019

Do I Need Web Hosting in China?

Do I Need Web Hosting in China?

The market in China is huge, and it is a market that many international companies would dearly like to break into. The territory is enormous, and, with the massive technological advances and market potential, it is not difficult to see why many firms want to get into the Chinese market. The reality is that breaking into this market is easier said than done. Having a website is, of course, vital for all companies today, but if your company does not have web hosting actually inside China, it could face a number of serious difficulties.

The challenges and benefits of web hosting in China

The Chinese market is special and unique and needs to be approached very differently from markets elsewhere in the world. Companies without internal hosting will come up against the Great Firewall, which limits access to websites outside the country. And even those websites where access is granted will find their users have to deal with much slower loading speeds than if the site was operated by web-hosting services inside China. Users tend to be turned off by such slow loading rates, causing an increase in the bounce rate. The slower website loading speed for those not making use of China hosting is both the result of their geographical remoteness, which will impact the site’s ranking on the primary search engine in China, Baidu, and also the number of filters used on overseas sites for the purposes of censorship. The difference in speed between a site hosted in China and one hosted elsewhere in the world is immediately apparent.


Although many Western search engines are less concerned with where a site is physically located these days, Baidu tends to be a few years behind their contemporaries. Sites with a local IP or that use local domain names, such as com.cn or .cn, will inevitably end up ranking higher than those that make use of foreign domain names.

Web Hosting in China

Types of web hosting in China

CDS is the best choice for a China web-hosting partner. It provides a number of different types of China web-hosting services that companies can make use of in order to try and get their foot in the door of the Chinese market. These include

  • Dedicated server hosting
  • Hybrid cloud hosting, which offers high-speed integration between the physical and cloud servers
  • GIC cloud hosting, which directly connects all locations in and around China

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