06 Aug 2019

Improving the Stability and Availability of Your Website in Mainland China

Improving the Stability and Availability of Your Website in Mainland China

While difficulties with internet connections are commonplace in many countries, users in China tend to experience a larger number of problems on a regular basis, particularly when trying to connect with foreign websites owned by other countries.


Internet problems in China – and why they happen

There are a variety of problems for those trying to open foreign websites in China. These problems include the facts that

  1. Access speed is so slow that the connection times out,
  2. Sites are blocked for unexplained reasons, and
  3. Chinese Search Engine Baidu does not list the website on the first page to be found when people do a general search.

slow loading speed if not hosting in China

“The Great Firewall,” which sees many foreign sites blocked for users in China, is one big reason. Another reason is that traffic across the border in and out of China all go through a limited number of Firewall Gateways. During busy hours when the traffic is high, the congestions will inevitably occur on these gateways. Hence, the user will find the website not loading even if a website has not actually been blocked by the Chinese government, it can still be extraordinarily difficult to access.

Sites with PoP (points of presence) outside China also experience routine performance problems, as do those sites that are deployed with the use of a CDN (content delivery network) and that are hosted in foreign nations.

Resolving internet issues in China

There is a multitude of benefits to finding ways to resolve these site issues in mainland China, which extends well beyond just providing users with a more satisfying and consistent experience.

Hosting in China is the most commonly adopted way. Having the website hosted in China will radically cut down the loading time, as it will cut down on the number of intermediate hops the data have to travel between your site and the users in China. Most importantly, it avoids the congestion happens on the international gateways on the Firewall. With a dedicated China IP address, the website will also be considered as the local website by the China search engine Baidu. Hence have a better chance for a higher rank on searching results. It will work great for a simple website with demonstrative purposes only. However, hosting another site in China will require special attention as well as dedicated management. For a sophisticated website with CRM systems tagged at the back end, the cost to replicate and manage another website can be overwhelming.

hosting in China speed up your internet speed

Understanding the pains in the market, CDS has developed an innovative solution called “Mirror Hosting” to solve problems in different scenarios. This solution offers lightning-fast and non-congestive access to the original web servers via the optical fiber-based private networks. It will also improve your site’s ranking on Chinese search engines. CDS helps customers to obtain an ICP license to make sure the service is fully compliant with the government’s requirement.

Finding a way to permanently resolve the issues experienced by your website in China would improve page-loading time to as little as three or four seconds. It will also improve your site’s ranking on Chinese search engines, with no effect on current back-end statistical tools.

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