24 Jun 2019

Mirror Hosting

Mirror Hosting

Do you do business in China? Do you experience problems with latency? What about packet loss? If you do, odds are you’re using a centralized server which has numerous advantages, but for those doing business in mainland China, there are downsides like latency and packet loss.

The CDS Solution

The CDS Solution supports businesses that utilize a central server by routing Internet traffic into mainland China via our dedicated GPN through the Firewall.

CDS has data centers all throughout Asia, the United States, Japan, Singapore, the Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong and Taiwan. All of these data centers are interconnected via our fiber optic Global Private Network (GPN).

The Results

  • Future site blockage is prevented – permanently
  • Page loading time improves to less than 3 seconds per page
  • Packet loss reduced to less than 1%
  • SEO ranking (by Baidu) is greatly improved
  • There is no disruption to the central host
  • Third-party supporting systems like SalesForce, Pardot, or Google Analytics are not affected
  • There is no security risk to the central host

CDS Mirror Hosting


Unlike other ‘mirror hosting’ solutions, CDS Mirror Hosting is built on our Global Interconnected Cloud (GIC) platform allowing not only the caching of content, but also the retrieval of dynamic content. This solution not only improves the performance of webpages by caching static content on a local server, but also by accelerating the load time of dynamic content via the premium route provided by our GIC platform. This is especially important for websites containing interactive functions such as forums, comments, inventory, and order processing. The CDS GIC platform directs traffic securely through the dedicated layer 2 connections to request data from the origin server.

Benefits of Mirror Hosting

  • Fast page load time inside mainland China
  • Dynamic caching of content
  • High availability based on Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)
  • HTTPs enabled
  • Load balancing available for multiple origin servers
  • Servers communicate via CDS’ GPN
  • No need to move your central server
  • No duplication of your database

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