24 Jun 2019

10 Reasons YOU Should Become a CDS Global Cloud Partner

10 Reasons YOU Should Become a CDS Global Cloud Partner

There are already thousands of users that trust CDS as their go-to partner for offering network access in Mainland China. Here are 10 reasons YOU should become a CDS Global Cloud Partner.

Private Network

CDS connects all of our data centers with Layer 2 Fiber for fast, reliable access anywhere in the world – even mainland China.

Our GPN Latency Times

Guarantee reliable, high performance in data transfer, streaming video, website spend and communications.

You Can Trust CDS

Secure and reliable end-to-end connections between the world and China via our dedicated, self-healing fiber network delivers high-performance and reliability.

One for All

A single point of contact for China Unicom, China Mobile, China Telecom, and all regional providers.

Always Improving

Continually growing and investing in our Global Private Network to provide the best in Cloud and network solutions.

Money in Your Pocket

CDS provides an evergreen payment plan, providing revenue for the life of the customer.

Affordable and Accountable  

Disruptive pricing guaranteed not to be undersold. We won’t lose your business based on price!


Tap into the world’s largest online market with CDS. We host multiple Fortune 100 companies in China and 80% of the Online Games including giants Baidu and Tencent.

Go The Extra Mile

Become your customer’s go-to person for China. We can help you deliver the tools your customers need to connect to China from anywhere, anytime.

Tailor-Made Just For You

One-size does NOT fit all. That’s why we pride ourselves on our custom fit solutions for you and your customers.

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