11 Feb 2018

What V-IEPL Does:

What V-IEPL Does:

V-IEPL dynamically connects your office locations to satellite offices in China as a single, private network utilizing CDS’ GPN and IEPL technologies. IEPL (International Ethernet Private Line) is offered by large telecom carriers to establish point-to-point international connectivity. Operating on the physical layer, it is a reliable and efficient way to offer connectivity between offices. Most importantly, it is not affected by China’s crackdown on VPNs. (Read more about China’s 2016 Cyber Law.)

Traditionally, IEPL was regarded as a ‘luxury’ IT solution reserved for large office campuses because of the high monthly cost and the last mile connectivity from the datacenter to offices. Until CDS developed V-IEPL, IEPL was not economical for smaller businesses or offices with a small IT budget. Leveraging CDS’ Global Interconnected Cloud platform (GIC), CDS can offer our Virtual IEPL (V-IEPL) solution as an end-to-end, fast-to-deploy solution providing multi-location, high-quality international connectivity at a mere fraction of the cost of traditional IEPL.

V-IEPL is a hybrid network combining the flexibility of VPN and the reliability of IEPL. Traffic travels from the office to a GIC datacenter by local VPN. Traffic entering CDS’ GIC datacenters then bypasses the public Internet and is transmitted via CDS’ Global Private Network (GPN) establishing a reliable and cost-effective international LAN.

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