17 Mar 2018

Internet Connectivity for China

Internet Connectivity for China


Available only in CDS data centers inside mainland China:

2 Line BGP provides cost-effective website access for residential properties, businesses, and office buildings. With 2 Line BGP, Internet connectivity is provided to the two largest Internet providers in China, China Telecom, and China Unicom.

4-Line BGP provides premier website access for mobile users, education and research institutes, and college campuses in addition to residential properties and businesses. With interconnectivity to all four Tier1 ISP carriers and the majority of Tier 2 carriers, 4 Line BGP delivers carrier-neutral services nationwide – significantly reducing packet loss and latency.

Recommended for any office in mainland China requiring fast, reliable Internet access from China to the world.

Global BGP peering acts as a dedicated international gateway and is designed for use by international enterprises using CDS’ Beijing Data Center as their IT hub. Global BGP provides Internet access from China to anywhere in the world with significantly lower latency and higher availability. A CDS Global BGP peer enabled server can provide reliable access to services such as Google, Facebook, and Wikipedia*.

When Global BGP is assigned to a Virtual Data Center, the host’s IP address is “broadcast” to all AS networks worldwide with direct peering to CDS. All routing requests to the host’s IP addresses are then directly routed to CDS’ network without any searching, forwarding, and transmitting significantly lowering latency.

*Use of Global BGP feature is subject to regulatory approval

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