23 Feb 2018

How Mirror Hosting Works

How Mirror Hosting Works

CDS’ data centers throughout China, the United States, Japan, Singapore, the UAE, the Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are interconnected via our fiber optic Global Private Network (GPN). This same GPN extends through the Firewall into Mainland China providing a fast, secure network with low latency and zero packet loss. Utilizing CDS’ GPN, Internet traffic is routed through a secure, dedicated, Layer 2 Internet connection into China bypassing the public Internet congestion of at the Firewall and mirroring the origin server on our proxy servers in Beijing. Our Global Private Network + Global Interconnected Cloud (GPN+GIC) architecture provides a unique and straightforward solution for companies experiencing poor user connectivity in China.

Centralized Web Hosting

It is a common practice for international companies to translate their websites into multiple languages and to adopt regional URLs. It is also common for all these URLs to be hosted on a central server which allows integration with ERP, logistic and CRM systems, as well as accounting and finance systems. All of this requires centralized management, constant and real time inter-communications between data bases, third party tools and/or an integrated development environment.  With this requirement to integrate data, even the idea of hosting independent websites in multiple regions or countries and then merging the data for integration becomes overwhelming.


The Pain of Mainland China

While users in most countries may experience some minor delays due to geographic distances, users in China experience numerous problems.

Below are a few examples of actual data transmission showing page loading times in China. The red dots indicate instances in which the page failed to load.

The most common problems potential customers report are:

  • Access speed from China to the host is so slow that searches often result in: “Server Time Out”, “Cannot Open Page”, or “Domain Name Does Not Exist”
  • 30% or greater packet loss
  • Sites are blocked from inside China for unknown reasons without notification and without an arbitration process
  • Changing the main website IP to get around site blockage only works for short periods
  • Chinese search engines will not rank foreign IP addresses high enough to appear relevant in searches
  • Chinese search engines determine the page loading speed to be too slow and will not rank the site high enough to be relevant in searches

CDS Offers Solution That Will

  1. Permanently prevent future site blockage
  2. Improve page loading time to less than 3-4 seconds per page
  3. Improve SEO ranking by the leading Chinese search engine, Baidu
  4. Function without interruption of the centralized host
  5. Experience no loss of connectivity to third party support systems such as Salesforce, Pardot, or Google Analytics.
  6. Preserve the security of the centralized host

Proven Results

A U.S. based Fortune 500 company we will call Acme Sprockets, suffered the same issues as described above. Similarly, Acme Sprockets was not able to move their web content to China because of an integrated CRM system.

Utilizing the exact network structure outlined above, the AcmeSprockets.com.cn DNS server was redirected to the CDS Beijing IP address and achieved.

  • Up time of 100%
  • Estimate Page Load Time Less Than 3 seconds.



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