03 Mar 2018

Global Interconnected Cloud

Global Interconnected Cloud (GIC)

Our Global Interconnected Cloud (GIC) is a dedicated cloud computing platform at its best with an integrated private network spanning the globe and an agile infrastructure delivering minimal latency, large bandwidth, and built-in redundancy. Based on the VMWare virtualization platform and paired with industry-leading Hitachi VSP blade servers, our GIC virtual private servers provide high availability, reliability, and flexibility.

The automated GIC web portal makes it easy to deploy your cloud solution, allowing visualized management of our Global Private Network (GPN) as well cloud server resources. Simply select the infrastructure and the location from the portal interface and your system will be available within 5 minutes. Changing or adding resources is just as easy. You can log onto the GIC dashboard to scale resources up or down as your business demands change – without additional fees.