13 Mar 2018

Expanding Into China?

Expanding into China? CDS’ GPN provides options:

Mirror Hosting – When page loading time and SEO are critical, Mirror Hosting is the answer. Mirror Hosting significantly increases website performance and user experience by providing: Page Load Times < 3 seconds Local IP addresses

The result? SEO rankings by Chinese search engines such as Baidu are greatly improved creating greater visibility and allowing foreign sites to compete with:

No redesign of websites. No loss of connectivity to 3rd party support systems such as CRMs. Complete compatibility with Google fonts and analytics

V-IEPL – The answer for customers needing fast, secure, point-to-point connectivity to mainland China. Perfect for developers, V-IEPL requires local representation in China, but no ICP Registration Number. Like VPN, CDS’ V-IEPL offers fast, reliable connectivity from anywhere in the world to mainland China.

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