25 Mar 2018

Content Delivery Network

Content Delivery Network

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is an advanced traffic distribution network based on a system of distributed servers. This network captures content from the source server and saves it onto cache servers. Controlled by a dynamic traffic distribution controller, the user’s request is automatically redirected to the closest available cache server. A reliable CDN can shorten the servers’ respond time and enhance the availability of the servers. This response time is particularly noticeable when streaming video-on-demand or audio-on-demand.

CDS CDN Platform

The CDS CDN service platform is open to all users. We provide HTTP and HTTPS protocols as well as web page acceleration, download acceleration, and VOD streaming acceleration. Advanced hotlink protection, content refresh, and smart caching strategies are also offered.

CDS provides access to the mainland of China with:

  • Over 500 acceleration nodes in mainland China, reaching more than 95% of the population
  • Connections to all the national Tier 1 carriers: China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, Education Network, Great Wall Broad Net, and 10 additional regional Tier 2 carriers
  • Real-time test reports and online user reports


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