28 Jan 2018

Single’s Day in China Smashes World Sales Record

Singles’ Day 2017 held on Nov. 11 or 1111 is relatively new as festivals in mainland China go. It was started in 2009 by Jack Ma as a way to celebrate bachelorhood but has morphed into a day for all singles to celebrate being unattached. Along the way, Singles’ Day has managed to become the largest online and offline shopping day in the world.  In 2017 Alibaba’s Singles’ Day sales reached $25.3 billion in 24 hours!

China’s e-commerce market is a largely untapped market for foreign companies. With major online shopping events happening almost every month and even more smaller, niche market shopping events. But competing online in mainland China requires fast loading websites and SEO geared to the Chinese consumer. If your business isn’t online in China, it should be.  CDS has helped millions of online retailers become a part of events like Singles’ Day.  Contact us for a free consultation and don’t miss out on the next online shopping record!

PS. Black Friday in China is becoming more and more popular with the Chinese consumer and the 2016 sales for 1212 (Dec. 12) increased 45% over 2015.  Following 1212 is Christmas, Chinese New Year, and well, the list of spending events just goes on and on.  So get that free consultation and don’t miss the next record smashing event!

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