27 Feb 2018

Benefits of V-IEPL

Benefits of V-IEPL:

  • Fast, easy deployment
  • Flexible and easily expands as business needs grow
  • Lower capital and operational expenses
  • Highly reliable
  • Data encryption applicable
25 Feb 2018

V-IEPL is Recommended for:

V-IEPL is recommended for:

Small and medium enterprises with offices in China who need a secure, reliable, yet cost-effective connection between China and one or more locations anywhere in the world. V-IEPL is more reliable than VPN and more budget-friendly than an international private line. Starting from $500 per month, V-IEPL provides a reliable and secure connection from your office in China to anywhere in the world via our Global Private Network (GPN).

23 Feb 2018

How Mirror Hosting Works

How Mirror Hosting Works

CDS’ data centers throughout China, the United States, Japan, Singapore, the UAE, the Netherlands, Germany, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are interconnected via our fiber optic Global Private Network (GPN). This same GPN extends through the Firewall into Mainland China providing a fast, secure network with low latency and zero packet loss. Utilizing CDS’ GPN, Internet traffic is routed through a secure, dedicated, Layer 2 Internet connection into China bypassing the public Internet congestion of at the Firewall and mirroring the origin server on our proxy servers in Beijing. Our Global Private Network + Global Interconnected Cloud (GPN+GIC) architecture provides a unique and straightforward solution for companies experiencing poor user connectivity in China.

21 Feb 2018

NetEx Results

The NetEx Results:

NetEx provides a true Network Express for offices in China dependent on an international VPN. NetEx provides reliable Internet access to websites and social media sites previously blocked, facilitating worldwide communication and connectivity. Increase your productivity and get fast, secure connectivity with CDS NetEx.



19 Feb 2018

Two Options

There are two options for ‘last mile’ access from your offices in China to a CDS data center: Local VPN or a Dedicated Local Loop.

Local VPN (Allowed by China’s New Cybersecurity Law)

Advantages to Local VPN:

  • Inexpensive
  • Bandwidth can be expanded or reduced as needed
  • Remote users with laptops and mobile phones experience the same reliable connectivity to the Internet

Disadvantages to Local VPN:

Connectivity between the client’s office and the CDS data center is subject to the quality of client’s public Internet*.

*When using a Tier I provider such as China Telecom or China Unicom as the public Internet ISP, the quality of the connection is normally very reliable and VPN is a suitable choice

Dedicated Local Loop

Laying a fiber network between the customer’s office and the closest CDS data center allows for full advantage of NetEx’s speed and reliability. This is recommended when using a Tier II ISP and if the Internet connection is known to be unreliable or slow

Advantages of a Dedicated Local Loop:

Connectivity and access speed are more reliable and not dependent on public Internet Remote users with laptops and mobile phones connect via VPN to experience the same reliable connectivity to the Internet

Disadvantages of a Dedicated Local Loop:

The additional expense required by the laying of fiber cable ‘the last mile’

17 Feb 2018

How NetEx Works

How NetEx Works:

CDS’ data centers in Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuxi provide Global BGP peering connectivity with Global BGP servers acting as a dedicated international gateway. When Global BGP is assigned to a Virtual Data Center, the host’s IP address is “broadcast” worldwide to all AS networks with direct peering to CDS. All routing requests to the host’s IP addresses are then directly routed to CDS’ network without any searching, forwarding, and transmitting – significantly lowering latency.

The Global BGP enabled server provides Internet access from China to anywhere in the world with significantly lower latency and higher availability. A CDS Global BGP peer enabled server can provide reliable access to services such as Google, Facebook, and Wikipedia, as well as company CRMs and software.

15 Feb 2018

What NetEx Does:

What NetEx Does:

CDS NetEx provides offices in mainland China fast, stable international Internet connectivity to websites and social media tools blocked by the Firewall and previously accessed by an international VPN. With NetEx, secure, reliable connectivity and fast site access are possible from anywhere in China without regard to the Firewall censorship policy or the VPN crackdown.

13 Feb 2018

NetEx is Recommended for:

NetEx is Recommended for:

International companies with one or more offices in China that require Internet access from China to sites blocked by the Great Firewall such as CRMs, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Any business dependent on an international VPN for connectivity to China.

ICP Registration is NOT required.

In today’s business staying connected isn’t just important, it’s critical. China’s crackdown on international VPNs has left foreign companies searching for options. CDS’s NetEx is the best alternative to international VPN providing offices in China with legal, fast, and secure access to the world via CDS’ international gateway servers in Beijing, Shanghai, and Wuxi.

11 Feb 2018

What V-IEPL Does:

What V-IEPL Does:

V-IEPL dynamically connects your office locations to satellite offices in China as a single, private network utilizing CDS’ GPN and IEPL technologies. IEPL (International Ethernet Private Line) is offered by large telecom carriers to establish point-to-point international connectivity. Operating on the physical layer, it is a reliable and efficient way to offer connectivity between offices. Most importantly, it is not affected by China’s crackdown on VPNs. (Read more about China’s 2016 Cyber Law.)

Traditionally, IEPL was regarded as a ‘luxury’ IT solution reserved for large office campuses because of the high monthly cost and the last mile connectivity from the datacenter to offices. Until CDS developed V-IEPL, IEPL was not economical for smaller businesses or offices with a small IT budget. Leveraging CDS’ Global Interconnected Cloud platform (GIC), CDS can offer our Virtual IEPL (V-IEPL) solution as an end-to-end, fast-to-deploy solution providing multi-location, high-quality international connectivity at a mere fraction of the cost of traditional IEPL.

V-IEPL is a hybrid network combining the flexibility of VPN and the reliability of IEPL. Traffic travels from the office to a GIC datacenter by local VPN. Traffic entering CDS’ GIC datacenters then bypasses the public Internet and is transmitted via CDS’ Global Private Network (GPN) establishing a reliable and cost-effective international LAN.

09 Feb 2018

Your Website Needs Mirror Hosting if:

Your Website Needs Mirror Hosting if:

  • Access speeds from China to your host server are so slow that “Server Time Out”, “Cannot Open Page”, or “Domain Name Does Not Exist” are common messages
  • Packet loss is 30% or greater
  • Your site is periodically blocked from inside China for unknown reasons
  • Changing the main website IP prevents site blockage for only short periods
  • Your site has a foreign IP address – Chinese search engines do not rank foreign IP addresses high enough to appear relevant in searches
  • Your page loading time is > 3 seconds per page – if Chinese search engines determine the page loading speed is too slow they will rank the site as relevant in searches

ICP Registration is required. Assistance with ICP Registration is available to all CDS customers.